VUE-CMS. Proudly Using ES7, Vue 2, Koa 2, Webpack 4, Babel 7 And Mocha


  1. HMR Both back-end(Koa) and front-end support HRM in dev mod

  2. SSR Both SPA and SSR mode are supported, and so is static HTML page generating

  3. UIKit UIKit is used to support responsive web design

  4. Built-in network optimization. No need to configure nginx hand by hand, the app' server has already done everything:

    1. assets(IMG, JS, and CSS) are automatically cached in browser
    2. when visiting the generated static pages, the app will check if the pages are updated since last visit on client: if not return 304, if yes return 200


Mysql: >= 5.6.0

Node: >=v10.0.0


$ git clone
$ cd vue-cms
$ npm install
$ vim src/config.js    # modify the db config to yours
$ npm run dev:db:init  # generate the development db
$ npm start            # build back-end and front-end files and watching

username: admin & password: admin




Copyright (c) 2018-present, liuyanzhi08

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